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In Big Foot Tools we have the most extensive experience and a staff that has been prepared in the field of carpentry, to manufacture the most complete pea shooter tool sale, so we are a pioneer in the United States.

Our peashooter nail driver will give you the comfort of reaching hard to reach places and you will be able to do a job with an impeccable finish. You will discard the heads of the nails and everything will be perfect.
These designs were created by Robert Hutchings, since, 30 years ago; he added a larger blade to his Skilsaw saw and obtained greater efficiency, since he was able to cut 4 x 4s in a single pass. In this way, he innovated and manufactured more versatile tools.
All our professionals are experts in the area and strive to make the pea shooter tool sale a success among our customers, with tools such as the Big Be 10-1 / 4 “Worm Drive Beam Saws with Skil engine, which has been manufactured since 2016.
This saw is designed to section 4×4 fence posts, 1/2 “wood, 4x headers, porches, double 2x sandwich heads and single pass beams, so its performance is unbeatable for the carpenter.
The model of saw comes in 24 “and 26”, with characteristics that make it durable and resistant, because the handle is very practical to grip it, it is covered with zinc, so that the rust does not wear it and it does not allow fungi to form in the round tip.
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