Lebron James Wife Savannah Brinson- her heights, early life, age and social activity and more

Savannah Brinson was born on 27 August 1986 in Ohio, USA. She is now 31 years old and her height is 5 feet 7 inches. She took admission at Buchtel High School and there she made a cheerleader and even played softball. Later on, she met LeBron James when both of were 16years old. After 9 years of dating, both of were decided to get married and they ultimately married in 2013 in California. In the year 2014, she gave a child. When an interview conducted, she revealed out that Lebron treats her like a queen.

Know about her regular life-
Savannah Brinson is well-known as the fortunate wife of NBA (National Basketball Association) superstar Lebron James. Both of them are also known as that they have been living together since they were a 16 year old. Savannah often gets to see on social media sites and has gained thousands of followers till now. The popularity she has been gaining yet, just because of her husband and she is now also operating a business as well. At the top, their family, history together and regular endeavors are celebrated and covered by numbers of fans of Lebron or professional basketball. The lady often uses to watch her husband’s NBA games.

Social activity-
She is highly active on many social network sites and particularly on Instagram. On this social media site, she has gained over 834000 followers and over 60,000 on twitter. Yes, she was not active on such social media sites since 2013, but she is active now. The page of Instagram often featured her daily endeavors as well as her children. The huge fans of Lebron James Wife Savannah Brinson can follow her on Instagram and Twitter page. The mother of Brinson also gets to see active on social media sites and has gained a little fame.