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The Miracle universe has marveled everyone featuring its characters along with stories for many years, its similarity with everyday life results in the irresistible charm that attracts big and small likewise.

Deadpool has become one of the most popular characters in the Marvel universe, which every year conquers more supporters with its specific way of staying; This anti-hero whose humor is actually emblematic of his figure has been able to win the romance of all.
This particular mysterious persona, whose genuine name will be Wade Wilson, comes with an origin of which little is known. Tells your life story packed with violence that pushes him or her towards a entire world full of loss of life and soreness, earning his or her living like a hitman, but their (questionably) morally permits him to just accept jobs unless of course the person really deserves to perish, according to their own criteria. Absorbed in this world he meets Vanessa Carlysle, a girl dedicated to prostitution that she has a romantic relationship until getting diagnosed with a dreadful terminal cancers; That is when he could be contacted by agents with the Weapon Times Project, whom offer him or her miraculous treatment.
A series of regrettable events as well as the great jaws of Sort, who does not really know when to remain silent, leads to a horrible accident that results in your birth from the ultimate antihero, Deadpool. Any time disfigured, Go decides to put on the crimson suit along with black that everyone knows and his characteristic hide to hide his or her scars.
Though over time Deadpool has become a character that has been linked to other stories and superheroes, interacting within a dysfunctional way and acknowledging those missions that the 1st superheroes may not do, has become one of the most precious main personas whose dark humor in no way ceases for you to amaze as well as amuse.
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